Monday, February 8, 2010

The Silver Cormoran Airstream Trailer Community

Friends, Donors, Colleagues and Curiosos,

Today we confirmed a temporary Loan to the Florida Collection. We have acquired an archive of 2 x 2 inch Super Slides that once belonged to Dr. Eugene Birchwood, Chicago IL. documenting his decades long involvement with the Silver Cormoran Airstream trailer community, a dubious group of elderly wanderers with ties to Anton Levy,
Little is yet know about the wandering group of Airstream enthusiasts represented in them by Dr. Eugene Birchwood. Though the details of the loan have yet to be ironed out, we can say with reasonable certainty that a selection of them will be proudly displayed with our permanent collection this summer at the Miami-Dade Main Pubic Library.

The slides will be on loan to the SFPLTMT from the Collection of Mr. Kevin Arrow.
Many thanks to Mr. Arrow, from The Society and its members.

With Anticipation,

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