Our Mission

Our Mission is to Prevent the Loss of Fringe Thought, to keep lit the Fire of Impossibility, to find that which lay Undiscovered beneath Dust and Sediment, out of Sight and Forgotten.
Missing time was recorded and we are witness after the fact.
Its Products Whisper to Us across Timespace.
It is our Mission to Thwart the all too common Demise of Things, Stories, Ideas, which may not fit History's Master Narrative.
We crave the Archaic and Arcane, the Strange , the Paranormal, the Outer Edge, the Little Known , those Things imbued with Magical Properties, the Folkloric, the Homemade, the Story-told, the Other World-ly, Left-Field.
We Embrace failures because they show us what is possible.
We Seek to find Lost Things.
We Value as Treasure That which was made by Conscious Hands, human or Otherworldly.
The Society collects That Which was Left Behind.
The Society Quests for That Which Nature Hath Wrought.
The Society Looks for the Connection Between Chance and Design.
We Covet the Link between Story and Artifact.
We seek Evidence, first-hand Accounts, Second Hand Stories, but reject thirdhand reproductions unless accompanied by Reputable Documents for Verification.
The Society is interested in Photographs, Journals, Drawings, Sculptural Objects, (Foods that Resemble religious icons), Ephemera, Recorded Sounds, Interviews, Experiments, Mechanisms, Instruments, Formulas.

We must Collect and Preserve Cultural Detritus with Cult Followings.

We seek to espouse Questions as they strike in Rapid Succession.
Knowledge stems from Doubt.
We Reject Conventional Understanding.

We embrace Secret Societies, Hermetical Folk, Shadow People, foggy silhouettes, Vaporous Beings.
The Society for The Preservation of Lost Things and Missing Time links the Present moment with the Past, and the Past with the Future.
The Society for The Preservation of Lost Things and Missing Time Strives to be more than a Repository of Objects deemed Treasures by an establishment that protects its Investments.
We Know that There is Limited Future Wealth with a prepackaged collective History.
We at the Society for The Preservation of Lost Things and Missing Time Demand a Democratization of Antiquities.
We Require for Stories to be Told Late into the Night.
Objects and stories belong to all of us, in the now and beyond.
Our Academic Mission is to Preserve and Protect, Unafraid.
To Research and Dig.
To keepsake and yearn-for.
Our Cultural Destiny is to Archive and Preserve the Moments That Went Missing,
The time that was over looked.
We seek To Destroy ideological Darlings.
What we thought we Knew yesterday may no longer hold true today or tomorrow.
The Onion of time Hungers for its skins to be peeled back, Left Nude, Exposed and Vulnerable.

In our Urgency, We remember that To the Latecomers are Served the Bones.